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Led Holiday Light - Christmas Display Using Led Lights: Reason

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    May 13, 2019 11:24 PM PDT

          Every year there are thousands of shopping malls, hotels and office buildings, and the string lights are decorated with indoor and outdoor holiday displays. If you use a light for your customers, you should consider switching from incandescent to LED.

      There are many reasons why LEDs are the quality of Christmas lights. Many of these benefits will especially delight your indoor landscape customers.

      1) Energy saving

      LED light

      a bunch of colored LED lights

      LED lights use less energy than incandescent lamps. It seems that the energy used to power the Christmas lights may not be a big expense, but when you power a large display for more than a few hours a day, the cost will increase rapidly. LED lights are 80% more energy efficient than traditional Christmas lights. Although the cost of running 10 incandescent lamps is $11.06, it costs only $1.30 to run the same number of LED lights. This is a significant savings that you can pass to your indoor landscape customers.

      2) Duration

      LED lights last longer than incandescent lamps. In fact, the life of LED lights is 66 times longer than incandescent lamps. This will save you the cost of replacing them year after year.

      3) Easier to connect

      When you have a complex display, you can connect more strands with each other through the LEDs, making setup easier. LED strings can hold up to 43 connections, while incandescent bulbs can only handle up to 5 connections. As you can see, LEDs offer more flexibility.

      4) Going green

      Because LED lights use much less power, customers can boast that they "turn green" in the holiday display. Customers will be happy to have the opportunity to show their customers environmental issues. You can even further adopt green technology and use solar LED lights. Even on a cloudy day, most solar power lines collect enough energy.

      5) Security

      LED lights also operate cooler than incandescent lamps because they do not have a filament. This prevents fire and makes it safer to use.

      Using LED lights is slightly more expensive than incandescent lamps. However, costs are falling rapidly, and some retailers even offer them at the same cost as incandescent lamps. The operating cost and life of the bulb and harness will quickly compensate for the cost of purchasing the initial LED harness.


      LED lights come in all the same form, incandescent lamps include net lights, tree bags, icicle lights and even rope lights. They can be found in all traditional Christmas light retailers as well as online specialty stores. You should be able to find LED replacements that meet all your lighting needs. You can even recycle old incandescent lamps.

      When you switch to using LED lights in the holiday display, you can pass on all the benefits to your customers. Not only will they be satisfied with the aesthetics of your display, but they will also save costs and environmental benefits. If you haven't already, please consider switching to   LED Holiday Light   this year.