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Why Do Some People Want A Color Light Bulb?

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    May 27, 2019 11:43 PM PDT

    If you have lava lamps or black light when you grow up, have you ever had a daydream, when you have a light bulb of any color you want in your house, you can control these lights with the click of a button? Ok, even if you don't have that dream, it will be cool, right? If you haven't touched the trend of LED color light bulbs, maybe it's time! At least, this is what you need to know.


    How does it work?


    LED Magic Light   : All LED color-changing bulbs can be used in traditional fixtures, but some form of control (remote control, Wifi, Bluetooth or applications) is required to discolor them. They come in a variety of features and prices to meet your lighting needs and budget. At the low end, in terms of price, you can buy a bulb that has a convenient remote control to control a wide range of colors.


    Why do some people want a color light bulb?


    This may be the highest doubt of skeptics. First of all, this is why there are fanatics of LED color-changing bulbs:


    They are (almost always) smart. If you are a technician who is eager to buy every new smart gadget, then colored light bulbs are a good companion for these gadgets. For example, a device like Alexa can be paired with your light bulb, so your alerts can be audio and visual. If you are distracted while watching a dog surfing video, you may need a bright, flashing purple light to remind you to book dinner within 15 minutes.


    They add Zen to your sleep and wake up. If you are a person who wants a soft start every day, except for the loud and harsh sound of the alarm clock, then light changes may be the way to go. Many smart devices can be connected to color light bulbs, and when you fall asleep they darken and


    Light up when you wake up. You can even change the color by minute, so you have a sleepy color (orange) and a waking color (green).


    They add security by downloading the app and you can control the lights from anywhere via WiFi signals. If you want it to look like someone at home, this is a great way to turn on your home lights. Use these tips to keep your entrance door safe.


    They can change your mood. Feeling anxious about your day? Set the bulb to calm blue. Feeling tired? Set the light to bright white to wake you up.


    Bottom line: Is the LED color light bulb necessary? No, they are definitely luxury, but everyone can choose luxury to consume. Maybe next time you have extra cash, you will go to the colored light bulb. Or maybe you will walk past them and laugh at those who spend money. Either way, at least you know what these color-changing bulbs are.