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The Structure Principle Of Candle Light

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    June 4, 2019 10:50 PM PDT

    Candle Light in the lighting industry, it is not made of candles, this lamp is just like a candle, there is no flame. The main material and principle of    LED Candle Light Factory   are introduced.


    Also known as the new smokeless candle lamp, these candle lamps look like real candles, but don't produce smoke or carcinogens, users can rest assured. Built-in energy-saving light bulb, as long as three small lithium batteries, even if long time continuous use, will not happen to the lamp holder overheating. The candle lamp comprises a candle-shaped lamp body, a lamp holder for connecting with the lamp holder and a luminescent body embedded in the lamp body. The characteristic of the luminescent body is that the two electrodes of the luminescent body are respectively connected with the corresponding electrodes of the lamp holder.


    Candle lamps also eliminate the wax and fire hazards of ordinary candles, which do not burn or create flames. Highly energy efficient, with two replaceable AAA batteries that last 140 hours (equivalent to six days).


    Most of them are controlled by ELAN, realizing timing, remote control, blowing out and other functions. LED is highly energy efficient, using two rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries can be used continuously for more than 12 hours. This kind of lamp is also very good for decoration, usually these candle lamps are used as window display, decorative lighting, mood lighting, restaurant/bar table lighting, night in the garden, pond, boat or backyard party lighting, and easy to carry. Each set has 4 candle lights, 1 charging base seat and 1 power adapter. Other accessories in the box include 4 frosted plastic lampshades, which beautify the appearance of the lamp and make it look more like a real candle. The solid state design of LED gives LED excellent impact resistance, shock resistance and frequent startup performance.



    Candle lamps look like real candles, but don't produce smoke or carcinogens, so users can rest assured. A set of air duct body, a supporting edge body is set inside the cylinder body, and a number of holding blocks with inclined planes are set at the lower edge of the cylinder body to form holding space with the supporting edge body. The base is provided with a holding slot for batteries. A holding seat is set on the base, and there is a holding slot inside the holding seat. Guide strips are set on both sides of the slot. The lower edge of the base is provided with an inclined plane corresponding to the inclined plane of the holding block; The base is placed below the air collector body and wedged into the space between the holding block and the supporting edge body; A blast device is equipped with a blast hood for holding a motor. A c-shaped clip of a bulb is set on one side, an air hole is set at the upper end, and guide rails are set on both sides. A windshield plate is provided with a perforated hole in the center, and a board body is arranged on both sides of the hole respectively. One end of the perforation is provided with a round hole, and a shade is arranged above the round hole; The windshield plate is placed on the body of the air collector, and is stuck to the upper end of the inner supporting edge body of the cylinder body.

    Ninghai haohua company   is a design and production of all kinds of    LED Candle Light Factory   . LED candle light   products complete specifications, beautiful style. The products are exported to Europe, America, Australia and other countries and regions.