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LED Decorative Light Supplier: 6 Advantages Of LED Wall Lights

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    June 13, 2019 9:01 PM PDT

    Wall  Light   are mostly used for local lighting, can play a very decorative effect, improve the visual effect of the whole home space, especially suitable for European and American decoration style, wall lamps are more kinds, LED wall Light is one of them. Next, let's go with the   LED Decorative Light Supplier     to see if LED wall Light can be used in the home space. The characteristics of LED wall Light!


    I. Green Environmental Protection


    Led wall Light is recyclable, pollution-free, and has better environmental protection than ordinary fluorescent Light. In the spectrum of LED Wall Light, there is no ultraviolet and infrared ray. It belongs to cold light, no heat, no radiation, and no mercury element. It is an absolute green environmental protection lamp product.


    2. Small size


    Led wall Light is more exquisite and compact to traditional Light, with a fashionable appearance, suitable for use in different places, with different arms, so that the light of lamps varies richly.


    3. Long life


    Among all lighting sources, LED light source has the longest life, up to 30 years. It has strong shock resistance and seismic resistance. It has no easily damaged parts such as tungsten wire and glass shell, and has high safety.



    4. Good color rendering


    The color rendering index of high-power LED wall Light is higher than that of ordinary fluorescent Light, usually around 80, which can restore the original color of object very well.


    5. High quality of light


    There is no ultraviolet and infrared ray in the light spectrum of high-power LED wall Light , no heat, no radiation, no burden to the human eye, and no fading of the object illuminated.


    6. Efficiency


    The luminous efficiency of high-power LED wall Light is more than 100 lm/W. The spectrum of LED almost concentrates on the visible band. The luminous efficiency is much higher than that of incandescent lamp and is catching up with energy-saving lamp and fluorescent lamp.


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