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Plastic Cream Jar - Bamboo Cosmetic Cans: Reasons For Use

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    June 19, 2019 10:37 PM PDT

    The growing consumer sentiment towards environmentally friendly materials has contributed to a trend known as “sustainable fashion”. In response, many cosmetic manufacturers have given up on traditional cosmetic packaging to give way to environmentally friendly containers - in this case, bamboo cosmetic cans.




    Today, bamboo plays an important role in the cosmetics industry. It is a cost-effective tool for promoting brands or products. Beauty products that are packaged in bamboo are more attractive, so they trigger impulse purchases.


    Bamboo cosmetic jars are the perfect embodiment of the eco-friendly trend of beauty shops around the world. Unlike “natural trends” that emphasize consumer interests, “eco-friendly trends” can appeal to consumers' feelings about nature.


    Bamboo cosmetic jar specifications

    There are different types of bamboo cosmetic containers, but the end use is the same: biodegradable containers for cosmetic creams. They are ideal packaging materials for organic products such as concealers, facial cleansers and sunscreen lotions. The “Bamboo Cosmetic Can” label can be misleading. For some packaging companies, their bamboo cans are made entirely of glass or acrylic and are made of bamboo. But the real bamboo cosmetic jar is a feature that reveals polished bamboo - woody, unique and non-toxic.


    Inside, a typical bamboo cosmetic package comes with acrylic, glass, PP or PE body, inner lid, lid lining or inner bowl. All external components, such as the cover and base, are made of 100% bamboo.



    The creation of a bamboo cosmetic container is divided into three steps. The first is to carefully select the best bamboo, and then these raw materials pass through the blades of the cutting machine. The cut portion is then provided to a skilled craftsman for decoration.


    Bamboo cans can be decorated to help them stand out from the crowd. To achieve the desired results, manufacturers use different technologies such as screen printing, etching, hot stamping, frosting, engraving and laser engraving.


    Any of these techniques can be used to create smooth and smooth surfaces, incorporating company logos or embedded instructions.



    Like wood, bamboo can be polished as a raw material to reveal its unique visual effects. Some of the most common colors and patterns that manufacturers can create include natural bamboo, zebra stripes, and charred.



    Bamboo cosmetic jars can be customized to meet customer capacity requirements. However, the usual capacities are 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 150 ml and 200 ml.


    Today, bamboo cosmetic jars are used for their environmentally friendly and non-hazardous properties.


    In 2007, a global survey conducted by Tandberg showed that 53% (or about 1.1 billion) consumers are more willing to buy from a company with a good environmental reputation. Obviously, cosmetic companies must fully maintain eco-fashion if they want to connect with a new generation of potential customers.



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