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Led Night Light Factory - The Superiority Of Smart Night Light!

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    April 22, 2019 10:45 PM PDT

    Why is the smart night light so popular? Now, with the rapid development of China's economy, especially the further development of the real estate industry, the LED lighting industry supporting it has also developed rapidly.


    With the advancement of LED lighting technology, various types of intelligent switches, lamps and the like have appeared on the market. The smart night light industry has also ushered in rapid development, and it has also attracted the attention of the real estate industry and the pursuit of novel and fashionable families. The era of smart nightlights replacing traditional nightlights has arrived.


    The     LED Night Light Factory    compares the contrast between traditional nightlights and smart nightlights:


    So what is the traditional lighting mode?


    Basically, it is a push button switch. No matter what function of the luminaire is to be realized, whether it is timing function or light and dark adjustment, it needs to be realized on the switch or button attached to the luminaire itself. This is the defect of traditional lamps.


    Simply put, it is not smart enough!


    Sometimes, if you don't pay attention, you will forget to turn off the lights. This is an anecdote that many people have encountered! In addition to wasting electricity bills, there may be potential safety hazards. When you want to adjust the brightness of the light, you have to slowly debug it on the luminaire. It is very troublesome and the effect may not be as good.


    Moreover, most people's residences are relatively spacious, and there are many rooms. If there is no remote control function, Bluetooth function, and voice control function, the regulation of the lamps is quite inconvenient. At present, most homes and offices still use traditional lighting methods. Only some intelligent buildings realize simple regional lighting and time switch functions, which is very inconvenient for work and life.


    In contrast, the smart night light shows obvious advantages, which can meet the lighting requirements of the family, improve the environmental quality, and fully utilize the lighting control to save energy, thus making the building more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Combined with the function of the mobile phone, automatic switching of the application scenario can be realized.


    No matter whether you are a guest, going home, having dinner, leaving home, sleeping, etc., a mobile phone can be switched freely. To meet the needs of people's various life scenes, enrich the environmental effects, the owner has become more worry-free. Combined with voice control and Bluetooth function, it is more effective!


    Smart lighting desk lamps not only make people's family life richer, but also maximize energy savings. Not only through the setting of the mobile phone, the light is turned on, the light is extinguished, and the natural light angle can be taken into consideration during use, so that the light in the dark is strong and the light is weak, so that the overall balance is achieved. The data shows that using the smart night light system can save 20-40% of the electricity bill for ordinary households. For many families, this is undoubtedly an irresistible temptation.


    Comparing the quality difference between traditional night light and smart night light, is there any heart? If you need to buy LED night light, you can consult    LED Night Light Factory    : Ninghai County Haohua Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd.