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 Led Holiday Light Suggest: Use A Single Led Christmas Lights

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    April 24, 2019 11:24 PM PDT

    LED Holiday Light     today let everyone know about LED Christmas lights: detachable light bulbs and non-removable light bulbs


    Anyone who has ever installed a Christmas light will have a problem of dropping a light bulb and causing the entire light bulb to go out. Although the problem of burnout of one bulb causes the entire device to stall, which is no longer a problem, power outages due to the lack of a bulb are still a problem. Unfortunately, even with LED Christmas lights, this is still a recurring problem. Although LED bulb burnout is rare, it is still common for the bulb to loosen in the bulb.


    Due to the long lamp life of LEDs, many of the better quality LEDs are now manufactured using integrated bulb and lampholder construction. This prevents the bulb from loosening and falling off, causing the bulb to go out from half to the entire bulb. Another advantage of the one-piece construction is that it significantly reduces the amount of moisture and debris entering the lighting system, which in turn greatly extends the life of the lamp set.


    Many people feel nervous when they find that the bulb cannot be replaced after it has been extinguished. But it's important to note that even if the bulb burns out, the fixture will still function properly. Through our tests, we found that the integrated bulb and lens kits last two to three times longer than the detachable bulb group. The failure rate of these kits is very low, which is why you usually find a one-piece structure used in professional installation work.


    Most retail-grade LED lights you buy at your local retail store use a two-piece light bulb and socket design. The average homeowner is very hesitant to buy luminaires without detachable bulbs, so large chains are unlikely to offer high-end integrated luminaires. Even commercial lines supplied by Home Depot and manufactured by GE still use detachable light bulbs and are prone to serious failures.


    Although the cost of a two-piece luminaire is less than one piece, it will eventually cost more money on an annual basis. Retail-grade suits will last for two to three years, but better quality kits with one-piece bulbs and lens construction will typically last six to seven years. Therefore, by spending more upfront, you will have a light pack that is less prone to power outages and will last two to three times longer.


    Another question we are often asked is how long does the LED bulb really last? This is closely related to the type of lamp/lens design, and the answer depends on whether you are using a one-piece bulb or a two-piece design.


    Because single-piece bulbs are completely sealed and non-removable, their service life often far exceeds that of the fixture, and it is rare for a bulb to go out. At the end of your lamp's life, it is likely that each bulb will still be fully operational. Failure of the lamp set is usually caused by wear during installation and disassembly or wear under severe weather conditions in winter. Therefore, although the lamps themselves will fail, it is not common for individual bulbs to go out.


    When two LED bulbs are involved, moisture and debris can affect the bottom of the bulb, which often causes the bulb to malfunction, and LED bulbs are relatively common. Fortunately, even if the lamp fails, the battery will still pass through the battery pack and the other lamps will continue to run.


    Ninghai County Yuhua Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd. As a seller of high-end LED holiday lights, we recommend the use of single-chip LED Christmas lights. These kits will give you the best light, and the two-piece luminaires that are cheaper will last longer. In addition to a better bulb design with a one-piece construction, they also have better manufacturing components and a rugged construction that can withstand the rigors of professional lighting projects and are also suitable for residential use.