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Performance Structure Of Led Light Chain

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    April 27, 2019 11:47 PM PDT

    Christmas is getting closer and closer to us. The Christmas tree in front of the mall is decorated with new lights. The    LED Light Chain    shines today. Ninghai County Yuhua Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd. said that the LED light chain current sampling mode.


    1. Voltage: LED lamp bead uses low voltage power supply, the supply voltage is between 2-4V, depending on the product, so it is a safer power supply than the use of high voltage power supply, especially suitable for public places;


    2. Current: The brightness becomes brighter with the increase of current. The working current of small power LED lamp bead is 0-60mA, and the working current of high power LED is above 150mA.


    3. Performance: Energy consumption is reduced by 80% compared to incandescent lamps with the same efficacy.


    4. Applicability: Very small, each unit LED chip is a square of 3-5mm, so it can be prepared into various shapes of devices, and is suitable for a variable environment.


    5. Stability: 100,000 hours, the light decay is the initial 50%.


    6. Response time: The response time of the incandescent lamp is millisecond, and the response time of the LED lamp is nanosecond.


    7. Environmental pollution: no harmful metal mercury.


    8. Color: Change the current to change color. The light-emitting diode can easily adjust the energy band structure and band gap of the material through chemical modification method to realize multi-color luminescence of red, yellow, green and blue. For example, a red LED with a small current can change to orange, yellow, and finally green as the current increases.


    9. The LED light chain is made up of a light-emitting diode packaged by an imported chip;


    10. The illumination angle of the LED light chain is designed to be larger, the half angle is >120 degrees, the color mixture is uniform, and there is no color spot;


    11. LED lamp chain adopts LED dedicated constant voltage power supply mode, the circuit is designed as constant current loop, and the working performance is very stable, thus ensuring the normal life > 50,000 hours;


    12. The color consistency of the LED light chain is good, and the colors are red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white, etc.;


    13. LED light chain installation is convenient and quick, after one-time injection molding waterproof treatment, the waterproof level reaches IP65, the plastic parts have the installation card position, no need for any accessories, it can be installed and fixed directly in the word hole;


    14. LED light chain can undertake the processing of perforated lamp chain;


    15. LED light chain may achieve colorful jump, gradation, monochrome, full color flutter and other effects through colorful and full color controllers.


    When the three LED light chains are working normally, the voltage drop across the three current sense resistors is approximately 1.25V, and the transistor is turned on. This connection ensures that the currents of the three current sense resistors are fed back to the Uadj end of the LM317. If any of the lamp chains are open, then no current flows through the current sense resistor, and the transistor is turned off, and no current is fed back to the Uadj terminal. Therefore, the work of the other two LEDs is not affected. As long as the output current of the LM317 allows, this application can be extended according to the needs of the LED light chain.


    The circuit is also a three-string three-and-three mode for the LED light chain, except that the LED light chain current is sampled separately. In this circuit, the original set of detection resistors is used, and three resistors are used to detect the currents of the respective circuits, and three small power transistors are added for control.