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About Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion

  • November 8, 2018 2:29 AM EST

    Rainbow Six Siege Credits Ubisoft has announced the first details for the next expansion for Rainbow Six Siege. Titled Operation Wind Bastion the expansion will add two Operators and a new multiplayer map at the start of Year 3 Season 4.

    Year Three Season Four will feature more than just the infamous visual censorship changes as Operation Wind Bastion will come with a new map and two operators. The map will be a mudbrick kasbah that will apparently offer more roof access than the usual maps but it remains to be seen if it will be as easy to tear down walls and make murder holes due to the building material.

    The map will not be just bleak desert with mudbrick houses though as Ubisoft mentioned a "breathtaking oasis" that could break the players' focus. One could also focus on how the drones can move around the dust but that would just ruin everyone's fun.

    Operation Wind Bastion's full reveal--as well as the rest of new content for Year 3 Season 4--will be made at Siege's Pro League Finals on November 17-18. One of the major changes coming to Siege at the start of Season 4 will be censorship of certain in-game environments and icons. Ubisoft is removing references to specific mature content like gambling and sex buy R6 Credits in Siege ahead of its release in Asian territories that have heavier content restrictions.

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