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  • Bert linsheng China  Emergency Light Manufacturers  - What Is Required For Emergency Lighting?        China Emergency Light Manufacturers      stated that the conventional lighting design is to make better use of space, and the design takes into account all aspects of the interior. The purpose of emergency lighting is only one, that is, when the general lighting of the building is not working properly, the personnel inside can be safe. Evacuation, so it should provide the minimum illumination for a given safe passage at a specific time. In addition, it should illuminate the signal signs for safe evacuation and clearly indicate the change in direction of each channel.   According to the regulations on emergency lights, the     China Emergency Light Manufacturers     elaborates the requirements for emergency lighting in practical engineering:   1) Illumination requirements   According to the CIE test results, when the illuminance is less than 0.2LX, it is easy to encounter obstacles. In the case of 0.5LX, you can barely avoid obstacles. The higher the illumination, the more confident people are, the more confident they are. Satisfactory is not less than 10LX or 10% of the normal lighting level. In addition, due to the sudden disappearance of normal lighting, the illumination has dropped a lot. It takes a while for the human eye to adapt and restore the automatic confidence. Generally, the CIE also stipulates that the illumination ratio is 40:1. For large-scale places with dense staff such as shopping malls and theaters. It is advisable to increase the illuminance to 5LX-11LX.   2) Time requirements:   Our current fire emergency lighting conversion lighting time is generally about 1 second, generally meets the requirements, and in order to help personnel to evacuate the site, it takes a certain period of time, generally determined according to different places, generally specify emergency lighting time In 1.5 hours or more.   3) Emergency sign lights and emergency lights should be used in combination. Some only pay attention to the design of emergency sign lights, and it is unreasonable to ignore the design of emergency lights or to pay attention to emergency lights and ignore the design of emergency signs.   4) Emergency power and control:   After a fire occurs in a building, electrical circuit short-circuit and other equipment accidents may occur. The electrical circuit may spread the fire. It may also cause electric injury or death due to leakage of live equipment or lines during the rescue. Therefore, after the fire occurs, the firefighters must First cut off the working power, and then fire, in order to ensure safety, so it is unreasonable to use 220V or more power supply for emergency power supply, because:   a. Unlike general fire power distribution, fire emergency lights are arranged in many locations and are wide-ranging. They basically involve public places of the entire building. The pipelines are arranged vertically and horizontally, and most of the lamps are arranged in the ceiling. In reality, Most of the emergency lighting pipelines have not been subjected to any fire prevention measures. Even if the pipelines are fireproofed, the hoses, junction boxes, wiring heads and their lamps that are introduced into the lamps should be strictly fireproofed, which is very difficult.   b. In the fire state, the ceiling is extremely easy to burn. In this case, the pipeline breaks and the lamp is broken. When the sprinkler system and the fire protection system work, a large amount of water is injected into the vertical area of ​​each floor along the floor plane. 220V power supply is possible. It will pose a serious threat to the life of the evacuation personnel and firefighters in the future, and may cause the fire to spread to other areas due to short-circuit of the emergency lighting line.   C. Due to the complicated situation at the scene of the fire, the maximum possible situation causes the part of the line to be short-circuited, catching fire, generating a large fault current, affecting the use of other fire-fighting equipment or possibly spreading the fire.
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